The Best Home Phone Service

When the vast majority of people who sign up for Nett-Tell LLC phone service, they believe they are doing so just to save money. However most are quickly pleasantly surprised that everything about their home phone service is either the same or better. With Net-Tell, everything will work just as it did before. That’s the whole idea. The folks at Nett-Tell LLC believe that saving money on phone service is only a good deal if you receive the same level of service.

The fact that the only real difference between Nett-Tell LLC and your local phone company is the cost is the best part. They use VoIP telephone technology which just means they route calls over the Internet rather than over hard phone lines. That saves a lot of money on building and maintenance, which they pass on to customers. Customers use the same phone and dial numbers the same way they always have and the person they call has no idea anything has changed. Nett-Tell LLC is a leader in the business of providing home telephone service at a low cost.. Not only do customers save money every month, but many decide it’s the greatest phone service they have ever had.

A New Kind of Phone Service – Net-Tell

The phenomenon of VoIP has revolutionized home phone service in recent years, in part because it is easy to set up and cheap to use. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which sounds fancy, but it just means plugging your home phone into your broadband router and using the Internet instead of a phone line to make a phone call. If you have a good-quality Internet connection, there is little difference in call quality. Net-tell LLC is a leader when it comes to this type of telephone service.

Using Net-Tell, everything works exactly the same as it did before, only better. However, by using an Internet connection, Net-Tell saves money every month, which means they also save you money. Besides unlimited domestic long distance, they also charge less for international calls. If that’s not enough, they also offer many free services that many phone companies charge extra for. In fact, there are so many free features, you are likely to think Net-Tell is the best home phone service you have ever used. And all of it comes at a great price that fits into nearly any budget.

The Nett-Tell LLC Difference

It is absolutely true that Nett-Tell LLC offers an increasingly common type of home telephone service that routes calls over the Internet, in place of a standard phone line. Commonly referred to as VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, Nett-Tell service works by plugging your existing home phone into a box that is connected to your broadband router. Other than that, there is no difference to you or the people you call, whether they are family, friends, customers, clients or business associates.

Keep in mind, despite the fact that Nett-Tell phone service uses your broadband connection, you don’t even have to have a computer. Calls are routed via your Internet connection, which is always on, even when all of your other devices are turned off.
If you have a fast Internet connection, there is no noticeable difference in either performance or call quality when using Nett-Tell. It will work the same as service from your local phone company, except at a much lower price.

Nett-Tell LLC saves most phone customers a lot of money. Customers receive unlimited calling with no charge for long distance charge and they receive a number of other features, included as part of their monthly fee. They receive Caller ID service for all incoming calls, as well as Caller ID blocking, which means they can stop people from calling if that becomes necessary. If you want to block all incoming calls for a period of time, like a long nap after a hard night at work, or times when you have to deal with a sick child, there is a Do Not Disturb mode, with all calls sent to the customer’s enhanced voicemail. All accounts also include many other features at no extra charge. Nett-Tell LLC believes that saving money doesn’t mean you have to settle for less.

Nett-Tell LLC For Your VOIP Needs

Nett-Tell LLC is a company that delivers Voice Over Internet Provider service for your home phone. It uses the internet you already have connected in your home to give you phone service with an installation of a device to your modem. Nett-Tell LLC offers many free features that most home phone service providers charge for. These services include incoming caller ID and outgoing caller ID blocking, call filtering and call waiting with caller ID. It also comes with the ability to send calls directly to voicemail with the do not disturb feature, block calls from anonymous numbers and you can even blacklist certain numbers from being able to call. You can also use conference calling or three way calling and add music to phone numbers on hold. All these features are great for business calling. You can also use call forwarding if you are ever out of the location of the internet range and if you ever have a power outage or your internet isn’t working you can set the number to a failover number so you don’t miss any calls. You can keep track of your incoming and outgoing calls through the call log and have advance voicemail by checking it over the phone, web, or email. Nett-Tell LLC supplies support for all your calling needs with online or telephone support for technical difficulties or comments and questions. You can sign up for a free 30 day trial. All you need is a connected broadband internet and a LinkSys PAP2 which is a simple adapter that connects to your router and allows the Nett-Tell LLC VOIP to work.