The Home Telephone Service From Net-Tell LLC is Highly Rated

When one looks closely at the online reviews of Net-Tell LLC, Will find a very high level of customer satisfaction. The reviews show that it is clear that customers believe the company offers superior home telephone service. In fact, most think it is better than other home phone companies, even though they are able to provide such quality at a price so low, the local telephone utility probably can’t match or beat it.

Net-Tell LLC has been able provide this high level of service for years by employing advanced technology called Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which is nerd-speak for routing calls over the Internet, instead of using very expensive copper wire. This slight difference enables Net-Tell LLC to save customers a lot of money every month compared to their local phone company, without losing any call quality. They also offer all-the-calls-you-want monthly phone plans, which means you can call anyone in the United States as often as you want at a flat rate with no long distance charges. It’s just like your cell phone, without the data charges.