The Low Cost of High Quality Phone Service: Net-Tell LLC

One of the most common reactions people have when they choose to sign up for Net-Tell LLC home phone service is shock. They can’t believe they get so much for their money. They not only get unlimited calling in the United States with no long distance charges and phenomenal international rates, but they also get a lot of great features that many phone companies either don’t have available, or will try to charge extra to get.

For example, among the host of free included features are Caller ID service for all incoming calls and Caller ID blocking, so that people you call can’t see your phone number when you don’t want them to. Of course, you can also make some calls ring to your cell phone or a work phone. This can be a great feature if you have kids and you want them to call you as soon as they get home from school. If you don’t want to receive calls for a while, there is a Do Not Disturb feature that will automatically transfer calls to the state-of-the-art enhanced voicemail system that you control.

Even though they are lower cost, there is a better-than-even chance Net-Tell LLC will be the greatest phone service you have ever had. Their ability to provide so much for such little cost is because Net-Tell LLC uses VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology to route calls over the Internet, which saves everyone a lot of money, and they pass those savings on to you. That’s good for you, since no one will notice a difference, except when you’re paying the bill.